Colorcell – The Most Beautiful Color Combinations

Colorcell wants to find the most beautiful color combinations. I came across this project today through Picto’s entry about The terrible fashion curse. He talks about a wardrobe of a colorblind and how four colors are enough to choose from. is about choosing the nicest color combination made out of four colors.

What can you do:

  • Create a new colorcell out of four colors.
  • Choose your favourite colorcell in the so called livingspace which can hold at most 100 living cells.
  • Kill your cell, which is also called the suicide option.

If you select a cell the fitness of this cell is increased. Based on the fitness a cell will live longer in the livingspace. But take care, if a cell gets selected to often it will die because of overfeeding.

Every day there is a whole process going on in the livingspace. Cells are aging, some are dying and get burried in the cell cemetery and some cells, most likely the ones with a higher fitness, can crossover and give birth to a new cell.

This project is running since 25th March 2002 and there is a whole load of statistics to look at. If you want to compete with my cell, go to colorcell and create your own most beautiful color combination.

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Direct link to the Colorcell Project.