One Year Anniversary of Colblindor

It was exactly one year ago when I started blogging in the name of Colblindor. Well it wasn’t really the start of my blogging career. I started a few weeks earlier writing about everything and nothing. But soon I realized that this wasn’t my way in blogging and at this point Colblindor was born.

First of all I was looking around for a topic to write about. A topic I new something about, I had a personal connection and something that wasn’t covered by a lot of others. And the search of a topic ended up at color blindness.

The first time was tough. I had to do a lot of research, didn’t know how to write blog posts and was kneeling right into it, posting around once a day. It was a good time where I learned a lot about color blindness, blogging and a lot more. A lot of tests with designs, plugins, communities and a lot more followed which filled my everyday life besides job and family.

After a few month I was quite happy with what I achieved but an event let me stop writing for several month. We bought a house. This took up a lot of time, effort and work.

But after a few months of hard work I started again with blogging. Why? Because I missed it, I needed again a change and I just wanted to come back. My comeback wasn’t that strong. I posted only a few times a month and slowly kept it going.

Again a few months later visitor numbers started to increase and I started even to earn some money through advertisement. So I decided to give it another try and start posting at least two times a week. It’s not that easy for me because there is a lot to do besides writing about color blindness: job, family, renovating our house, sport and so on.

And that’s where I am at the moment and as a reward I can see the traffic counts increase.

Some facts as of 21st February 2007:

  • 132 posts
  • 141 comments (with over 35’000 rejected by Akismet)
  • Average of 170 unique visitors a day
  • Average of 378 pageviews a day
  • 36 RSS subscriptions
  • Total earnings of 92$

Most popular articles:

BTW I constructed the name Colblindor while looking for a unique naming for my weblog. I just played around with the words color and blind. And I am still quite happy with the brand I created. As happy as I hopefully soon will switch to