Wiring as a Colorblind

It’s not always easy to live with your color blindness. One special case are all those color coded wires.

I recently came across this problem, when I tried to elongate a telephone cable. This can be a big problem if you are colorblind and have nobody around who can tell you which color is which and has to be connected to which port.

Brandon describes a similar problem while he was rewiring some cables in his house. He vent his anger in When Color Blindness Sucks.

What do we learn:

  1. Don’t work with color coded wires if you are colorblind.
  2. Because almost everything is color coded these days, stop working at all.
  3. Ask the government for support because you can’t work.
  4. Sit back and think what you could do in your spare time.
  5. Maybe some new rewiring of your cables at home?….

Dear colorblind fellows, do you have similar experiences with color codes?

2 responses on “Wiring as a Colorblind

  1. JT

    I am very near sighted, and red-green color blind. I went to school aiming to become an electronic engineer. I realized that it wasn’t for me well into my second year…(all those color coded wires, and resistors). I’m interested in computers. Engineering?…same thing as electronics, may be networking…cables color codes, programming?…may be, but spending 8 hours everyday on a computer screen?. My eye’s are huring already and I’ve only been here for 4 hours. I’m into science….what can I do?