Carnival of Colors II – Green

I would like to welcome everybody to the second edition of Carnival of Colors. This time we could double the entry count and have now four interesting topics to look at. If this carnival keeps growing at this rate, it could get really big—so stay tuned.

Last time we looked at the color Blue. This time we move on at the color circle to the color Green and have a look at it from very different perspectives.


« Green is the color that elicits relaxation. – This is the closing note of Deborah, known as Dr. Deb, in her contribution Want To Succeed? Don’t See Red. Luckily enough I am red-green colorblind and can’t really be distracted by neither. »

« Maureen presents Components Of A “Green” Home while she is looking forward into retirement and gets prepared for it. In her Empty Nest she moves the color Green into the environmental perspective. »

« You got me Mike. Color Me Fulvous could simply be renamed into Color Me Green because there is no difference to me between the yellow-brown color fulvous and green. That’s maybe why I will unfortunately never spot your 10,000 Birds. »

« After all this maybe Green is your choice of color? Karen writes about The Perception of Life; a perception which is not only black and white. Please, make your choice and Live The Power. »

Stay tuned for the next release of Carnival of Colors which will be released the first of next month. If you would like to contribute just contact me or visit the Carnival of Colors Blog Carnival Page.

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