Red Spring Blossoms

Yesterday my wife and I went past a plant in our garden. She told me about how she likes the red blossoms of it and only in this moment I realized, that this bush has blossoms at all.

Before yesterday I walked past a green bush day after day. Because of my color blindness (I’m very much red-blind) I never realized that during the last beautiful early summer days it had developed such nice blossoms.

Red Spring Blossoms
Red Spring Blossoms

Now I know about the blossoms and therefore I can see them. But still, they don’t catch my eye and seeing them through my colorblind eyes they are very well hidden inside the green leaves.

For me this is a very typical example how a colorblind sees the world different than somebody with normal color vision. But do you really miss something if you just can’t see it?

One response on “Red Spring Blossoms

  1. Rami

    I am colourblind but I can see the red blossoms very well, but I see them as a little bit pink. Now I see how your protanomaly is much stronger than mine, (but I still sympathize with you because we are in the same category of colour blindness).