Tone Deafness vs. Color Blindness

Musical Notes
Color-blind, tone-deaf or just
foto by Daily Dog

I am colorblind and fail every single test on color blindness. Maybe this sounds familiar to you; so let us have a look at some other -ness trait test which might give you a better feeling

Somebody suffering form tone deafness has problems in differentiating between distinct musical notes. In common language it’s also often referred to a person who has problems in reproducing a series of notes. Compared to colorblind people who might not be very much interested in colorful art or paintings, if you are tone-deaf you might not be the greatest fan of music or just sing when you are by yourself and know, nobody is listening to you.

Before you take the test checking your overall pitch perception ability be assured that color blindness is not in any way related to tone deafness. And now just relax, sit back, shut off your tv and your beloved radio station and test your musical skills.

I hope your results weren’t disappointing. Or if they were not that good I hope you at least perform well on the color blindness tests.

My results were 86.1% correct. A result I’m very much proud of because—you know—my color blindness test results look much worse.

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