Blogtipping the Blogosphere

I was getting blogtipped last month by Scott from Standardzilla which was really a surprise—even if he still owes me a real tip. This first of the month I would like to keep the ball rolling.

Blogtipping was brought into being by Easton from Business Blogwire. It’s more than a year old and his doing it every first day of the month. So what is blogtipping?

  • surprise a fellow blogger
  • point out three great things you enjoy
  • share a tip

As I said, I would like to pick it up and do my first blogtipping today on June 1st. I have the following blogs ready for you and hopefully as a surprise for them:

Number one: Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds

  • Really great tips on how to become a good presenter and improve your presentation skills.
  • Garr has always some great examples ready to emphasize his statements. He also is linking up to every other bits of information.
  • Insights into to Japanese culture and work life.
  • Tip: The articles are for my feeling often to long. I very much like reading them and learn new stuff through them, but often struggle to read through the whole posts. I personally would prefer some shorter articles.

Number two: Eye on DNA — How’s it going to change your life? by Lei Hsien-Hsien

  • This is definitely the place to learn the latest about DNA, genes, the genome and more.
  • Covers everything on the news and doesn’t forget any interesting links.
  • She is really a great back-linker and shares links to everybody who linked to her—and a lot more.
  • Tip: On certain days it’s just to much information coming in through Eye on DNA. I would prefer some less posting; but what could be dropped?

The last one is a blog written in German and therefore I’m writing the next few lines also in German.

Nummer drei: pixelgraphix von Manuela Hoffmann

  • Interessante Tipps und Tricks aus der Online- und Webdesignerwelt.
  • Sehr gute Verlinkung auf weiterführende Informationen, Websites, Downloads und Originalartikel.
  • Kurze und prägnante Artikel wie zum Beispiel Farbfehlsichtigkeit mit Color Oracle simulieren.
  • Tip: Ich wünsche mir manchmal etwas mehr ‘persönliche Meinung’ und weniger ‘Zusammenfassung’ in den Artikeln, denn ich verlasse mich gerne auf den Rat der Expertin.

That was it for this time. Maybe I’ll pick it up again in the future to have a nice little gift for some fellow bloggers.

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