Carnival of Colors IV – Strolling

This is already the fourth issue of Carnival of Colors. Please welcome the contributors and dive into the beautiful world of colors.

For the Carnival of Colors IV we have again some great submission which I would like to share with you. And be prepared for the next time, because for the first time Carnival of Colors will be hosted not by Colblindor but by the famous birdwatcher Mike Bergin from 10,000 Birds.


« While Irina was at a cafeteria she found this little nice garden. Strolling through it she took some really colorful pictures and realized, that she’s Surrounded by Beauty. This doesn’t really look like living dangerously to me does it? »

« You can see some more beautiful colors at Spring Days on the Riverbank. Riversider, the author of the Ribble Cycle Diaries, says “The predominant colour here is green”. It definitely is, but I can spot many more nice colors there. »

« To take some beautiful and colorful pictures you don’t have to go far. Christopher from Photographer’s Journey found the Colors of the Rainbow just around the corner. »

« Going round the corner and strolling pass a florist, don’t pick the red flowers for your beloved, because this are just Guy Colors. Doug knows more about it at Doug Green’s Garden, saying, “A politically incorrect but true story about garden flower colors.” »

« So you shouldn’t pick the red flowers but what about seeing red while you are collecting tokens. Alejna knows more about all the red folks out there. »

« I suppose Mike was strolling around almost a bit too long tonight. Watching maybe some late-night birds out of his 10,000 Birds. But anyway, it’s never to late to jump on the boat. And the birds which ‘Color me Rosy‘ just fit in nicely into this series. »

« Special entry by Suzan: Just read her story about the Blue Scratch and learn more about it, her and her blogstory at Behind the Politeness of It All. »

A great thanks to all the contributors. Stay tuned for the next release and join in whenever you have something to say about colors. You can find everything you have to know about the carnival at Carnival of Colors or just send me a note including the link to your article to be included in the next upcoming issue.

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