Love the Colorblind

I Heart Color
I ♥ Color

The Fuck the Colorblind t-shirt seems to be very popular. A lot of people are looking for it and I received quite some comments on it. Some people like it, others not.

Here is the counterpart: I ♥ Color. Well, I know. It’s not really saying anything about colorblind people. But it is also made out of a pseudoisochromatic picture, also known as Ishihara plates. This texts or numbers usually are hidden if you suffer some type of color blindness.

Can you see it?

The shirt is available at Threadless T-Shirts. And there are some nice pictures of happy people wearing it.

Now it’s up. You can decide between Love the Colorblind and Fuck the Colorblind. Which message do you prefer to put on your chest?

5 responses on “Love the Colorblind

  1. Shane Hatagawa

    I’m still looking for a shirt that ONLY people with a color deficiency can see. This is more difficult of course, because there are several types of deficiency, so it might have to be targeted to a specific kind of definciency (ideally, my own kind, of course).

    The other possibility would be software that could create in Ishihara diagram from an arbitrary simple figure.

    Does anybody know if either of these things exist?

  2. Daniel Flueck Post author

    Shane, there are some pictures which can be found on the internet, visible only to colorblind people. But as you say, this is not easy because color blindness comes in many shades.

    Talking about a software, generating Ishihara diagrams: I couldn’t find any yet – would like to now more if you find any – and maybe will produce one myself…

  3. lannymuy

    I can see it. And i prefer to ‘i love colorblind’.It’s a pity for the one who can’t tell the colors.Really,we should show our respects. Not make joking on them