Future Employees to Take Color Blindness Tests on Their Own Expenses

The following story was sent to me by Dave. He is slightly colorblind and while applying for a job on the way to his new career he had to pass a color blindness test.

Unfortunately the new employer wasn’t really colorblind friendly. Read his story to learn more about the way he had to walk along.

I needed to pass a medical clearance in order to be qualified for training. This was no big deal…except for the Ishihara Plates.

Needless to say, I didn’t pass the Ishihara plates and needed to take subsequent “color deficiency” testing, which I needed to pay for at my own expense. The employer requires all of their employees to pass the Farnsworth D-15 AND the Farnsworth-Munsell D-100 if they have failed the Ishihara plates.

So, I went to my eye doctor and passed the D-15 with relative ease. My doctor thought that the D-100 was extremely overkill and completely unnecessary (partly due to the fact he did not own one). So I needed to spend $659.00 to purchase one myself to bring to my doctor to get tested on.

The D-100 is an amazingly intricate test and cannot be learned. So, I prayed that I would pass. I did very well (at least I thought so) on the test and scored an Error Score of 32. Which easily falls into the range of “Normal Discrimination”. The scoring break-down for the D-100 is as follows. Error Score of 0-16 “Superior Discrimination”. 17-100 “Normal Discrimination”. 100 and above “Poor Discrimination”.

Needless to say I didn’t need the D-100 and the company wouldn’t take returns, so I happily donated it to my eye doctor.

So, thanks for the site and giving me the hope I needed to pass the test!

Thank you very much Dave for sharing your personal story with us. And all the best in your new job and with your new career.

4 responses on “Future Employees to Take Color Blindness Tests on Their Own Expenses

  1. Kenneth

    Being deeply intersted in the practical and professional problems and misunderstandings about colour vision, I’d like to know what profession you were applying for?

  2. Anne Fordham

    I am looking for the score sheets used to score colour blindness, where can i get them from please. Anne Fordham

  3. Kenneth Allblom

    Hello Anne,
    There are several different, more or less complex in design and use, colour tests. An Optician or an eye doctor should be able to give you the adresses in your country.
    Inventor of the only really working tool for people with a different red-green colour vision.