Seekey – Colorblinds See Otherwise Invisible Colors

Seekey tool
Seekey Tool

Are you red-green colorblind? Do you have a handy tool in your pocket which helps you in critical situations to tell certain colors apart? If not you might like to learn more about a tool called Seekey, which exactly can do that for you.

Seekey is a little tool consisting of two different light filters: a red and a green filter. Looking through them will change the way you perceive the color of the object you are focusing on. Based on the difference in color perception through the filters and without filter you can guess the correct color.

Let us have a look at a little example: It is always very tough for a red-green colorblind like me to spot the nice orange blossoms in our green garden. Those two colors just look so similar to my eyes. With Seekey this changes. Looking at the blossoms through the red filter, they get lighter while the surrounding green darkens. The green filter changes the effect and lets all the green lighten up compared to darker blossoms.

Seekey Color Key
Seekey Color Key

There are several color keys coming along with Seekey. Through those color keys you will learn how the color perception changes when looking through one of the two filters. The table to the left shows you an example for the colors red, green, orange and brown.

Kenneth Allblom is the inventor of Seekey. He is living in Sweden and distributing the tool either directly through his web page or otherwise it can be bought at opticians and in certain boat equipment stores in Great Britain, France, Sweden, Finland, Germany, New Zealand and Japan.

A study at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm Sweden even showed that the Seekey tool will assist red-green color deficient persons to achieve an 86% improvement at the Ishihara test for color blindness.

Seekey is a handy tool which can help every red-green colorblind person. Visit the Seekey homepage directly to get more detailed information about this little helper.

One response on “Seekey – Colorblinds See Otherwise Invisible Colors

  1. Chris

    Although I haven’t tried it this looks like the best answer to colour blindness at present. Like all the best inventions it is simple. Unlike colour correction lenses one doesn’t wear them all the time but only in situations where colour identification is needed. The problem of the darkening of the visual field, associated with wearing colour correction lenses, is thus avoided. Also two filters allow a wider range of colours to be discerned than that of the lenses. Finally the Seekey is much cheaper than colour correction lenses currently available.