Color Blindness Tools —
Color Name & Hue

I’m proud to announce my first color blindness tool. Up to now Colblindor was a growing resource of information about color blindness. With this step I would like to go further and start offering tools related to color blindness.

Those tools shall aim for the following two goals:

  1. Help colorblind people to accomplish certain tasks.
  2. Achieve a better understanding of color blindness among non colorblind people.
Color Name & Hue
Color Name & Hue

My first tool which I am releasing today is called Color Name & Hue and it will help you to categorize colors into the main hues Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Brown, Black, Grey, and White.

This tool offers you the following possibilities to find a certain color: either you just browse the color space with the sliders or you enter RGB, HSB or Hex values.

Color Name & Hue will find the closest matching named color among a list of 1640 colors. It will also match this color to its corresponding main hue.

By the way, I compiled the list of colors out of different sources which can be found on the web. Unfortunately not everybody agrees about certain hues so it wasn’t an easy task to find the correct hues. If you find any colors which are definitely matched to the wrong hue just let me know.

I hope you like the tool and it would be interesting to learn in which situations you can use it.

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Color Name & Hue

  1. bob

    I enjoy your website, very informative. I’m impressed with your new color blindness tool. Look forward to seeing more innovations.