A Gift for the Colorblind

Nick is wrapping the project up. All of the shirts were spoken for and the project was a great success for him. I’m sorry if you couldn’t get one of the shirts for your son or daughter.

Colorblind Shirt Unicorn
Colorblind Shirt Unicorn


My name is Nicholas and I am a grad student at the School of Visual Arts MFA design program in New York City. I have created a color blind pattern for t-shirts that I hope to distribute to young children. The shirts are free for children who have recently found out or have known for some time that they are colorblind. In my own experience I have found that those with no deficiency in color vision often misconceive color blindness as a warped perception of reality. Such is not the case.

So, I have made these shirts to celebrate color blindness and the magical world that the color blind see. In this example, an image of a forest is clear to all, however the unicorn within the forest is only visible to those with normal vision. Actually seeing a unicorn is of course much sillier than being color blind. That which the colorblind see in this world may be more spectacular then one could ever imagine.

This is a one time extreme limited run of 50 shirts with a six color screen print. Sizes run youth medium – adult large. Please specify for whom the shirt is and what size. Once the 50 are gone, I will never print them again.

Also, if you could send a photograph (any quality and doesn’t even need a face) of someone wearing the shirt once received it would be much appreciated.

9 responses on “A Gift for the Colorblind

  1. scott bradford

    i’m in the army and my color vision is affecting my career. I hope in the near future there will be a way to correct color vision.

  2. Diana

    My daughter is currently 2 and seems to get her colors mixed up. My husband and my mother are color blind. I showed her the picture of the little boy and all she said was baby. Normally she would have been able to tell me what is on the t-shirt but she acted confused. I am not sure what she saw.
    I would love to have one of your shirts. it would be a great conversation piece. My husband, mother and 2 brother-in-laws are color blind. Whether my daughter can or cannot see the picture it would be fun to have to show everyone.

    Thank you and good luck with your project.

  3. Rebecca Thompsn

    My son was today diagnosed with red/green colour blindness. I have found your website extremely helpful. How do I get my hands on a unicorn shirt…If there are any left.

  4. T-shirt

    i love to wear that kind of t-shirt for my ice skating on high hills during Christmas celebration. i am looking for those t-shirts in market and would surely buy them.

  5. Becky H

    I am a colorblind artist. Honestly everyday I am effected by my color issues. A lot of people do not understand colorblindness. I love the shirt!

  6. My God Shirt Designs

    I am a colorblind artist too. I have struggled with this my entire life and deal with these issues daily. I often have to ask for help from colleagues. I think your tshirt design is awesome and I love the concept. Thanks for thinking of all the colorblind folks out there.