Color Vision Guide – A Fact Sheet on Color Blindness

Color Vision Guide
Color Vision Guide

The Color Vision Guide gives you a brief introduction to color blindness on a single sheet of paper. You could also call it a perfect starter for anybody interested in the topic of color vision deficiency.

About 14 years ago John Nash together with his brother and their mother created a guide to educate people about color blindness. He is suffering from green-weakness (deuteranomaly) himself and wanted to share his knowledge with others.

The guide includes the following parts, putting together a well designed sheet of information on color blindness:

On top of that the Color Vision Guide includes a small set of Ishihara color blindness test plates, which can be used as a basic check for red-green color vision deficiency. Well done.

John is also writing about different aspects of color blindness on his recently created weblog at the Color Vision Store. If you visit him, say hello from Daniel :-)

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