The Ishihara Unicorn Shirt

Ishihara Unicorn

Last December Nick offered 50 free shirts with an imprinted Ishihara like unicorn image. They were all given away to colorblind children for free.

He was so kind to send me also two of them for my two little toddlers. As you can see, the shirt is still a little bit to large for my boy.

I showed the shirt to my son and asked him: “What do you see?” His answer was of course: “A horse.” What else dad?

If I look at the image I can see only trees—and a lot of dots. Thanks Nick.

3 responses on “The Ishihara Unicorn Shirt

  1. Eugen

    I am hopelessly green blind (deuteranopic) but see the unicorn in full glory. The shirt seems to fool protanopics only. Still a nice idea!