Self-made Ishihara Plates Test

Ever tried to make your own Ishihara plates test? Alon has the answer for all of us who are not that inventive or at least not good with computer programs.

Self-made Ishihara Plates Test
Self-made Ishihara Plate

Which number do you see?

Photo taken by Alon Salant.

5 responses on “Self-made Ishihara Plates Test

  1. acme fixer

    For the left number, the top looks more like a 7 than a 2. But the ‘foot’ is kind of too broad for a 2 yet too narrow for a 7. For the right number, it looks like a 4. I’d say that the green pebbles on a mostly grey and slate background have too much difference in color, so that even a color blind person could see it. I have normal color vision, BTW.