Camouflage Test for (Non)-Colorblind People

Many people heared about the colorblind army men, who were chosen specifically to spot camouflage. There was a short report in the Time Magazine in the 1940’s about those Color-Blind Observers for National Defense. But is it really true, that colorblind people can spot some patterns better than people with a broader color vision?

Unfortunately since this report there was no further evidence, that any form of color vision deficiency might improve under certain circumstances the ability to spot anything which is camouflaged.

I’m sorry, but this test is no longer available online. The only picture I could preserve is the one below. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Now Daniel, a 5th grade student of Rockland County, colorblind himself, developed a little test to evaluate the relationship between color blindness and camouflage. Have a look at the example picture below. How long did it take to spot the animal on the picture? Or can’t you spot it at all?

Color Blind SIT Experiment

The test developed by Daniel includes 24 of such images. He collects data about how many of them you can spot and how long it takes. It would be great to see some more people—colorblind or not—taking this little camouflage and color blindness test.

Hope you like the test. Share your thoughts and ideas. And I hope we will see some results of it in the future.

2 responses on “Camouflage Test for (Non)-Colorblind People

  1. Tom Murphy

    There is further evidence by John Mollon et al.

    M. J. Morgan, A. Adam and J. D. Mollon (1992) Dichromats detect colour-camouflaged objects that are not detected by trichromats. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B 248, 291-295

  2. frederick torio

    i see animal but i dont no what is animal inside tha picture,because im a colorblind,ive realized in my self when im other go on apllying police in our country phil.