Short Film: Color Blindness Explained for Children

Quite a while ago Laura Evans created a nine minute documentary short film on the topic What is it Like to be Color Blind? The film gives everyone some insights on color blindness, including an interview with a colorblind person.

Shortly after that she also produced a children’s version, which I would like to show you hereafter:

What is it like to be colorblind?

If you wish to learn more about this project, you can visit Laura Evans website at No Such Thing as Color diretly.

2 responses on “Short Film: Color Blindness Explained for Children

  1. connor

    im 12 and i struggle at school (mostly art) sometimes because of my colourblindness and I constantly get bombarded by questions like what colour is this? which realy annoys me because whenether I bother answering them all that folows is more questions. my condition is quite servier. I took.the basic tiles test and my graph was zigg zaggs (rather than a circle) it said I am 75percent colour blind.if any one has any ideas on how I can stop them asking every day please tell me it would help allot.

  2. Ying

    Cute little film! I let both of my boys watch it (One color blind, one color normal) and they both say they understand it.