Colblindor in a New Style

In this very moment I am finished (for today) with the new layout and new graphics of Colblindor. Of course I hope you like it.

I already wrote about how I decided about the colors. Only in the last minute my color adviser told me to remove the green background and make it less colorful. The top picture is already colorful enough, she said, and with headings and links it is definitely enough of mixed colors. So I changed it to a simple light gray background. Hope you like it.

The top picture is maybe not that easy to understand. It shows the color spectrum in horizontal bars at five different sections. The first one is the normal section which shows the bars how they are seen with normal color vision. In the second the colors reflect a vision when suffering from protanope. The third reflects deuteranope and the fourth tritanope. To complete the color range I included the grayscale view on the righthand side. I’m quite happy with it. And as mentioned before – hope you like it :-)

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