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Colblindor in a New Style

In this very moment I am finished (for today) with the new layout and new graphics of Colblindor. Of course I hope you like it.

I already wrote about how I decided about the colors. Only in the last minute my color adviser told me to remove the green background and make it less colorful. The top picture is already colorful enough, she said, and with headings and links it is definitely enough of mixed colors. So I changed it to a simple light gray background. Hope you like it.

The top picture is maybe not that easy to understand. It shows the color spectrum in horizontal bars at five different sections. The first one is the normal section which shows the bars how they are seen with normal color vision. In the second the colors reflect a vision when suffering from protanope. The third reflects deuteranope and the fourth tritanope. To complete the color range I included the grayscale view on the righthand side. I’m quite happy with it. And as mentioned before – hope you like it :-)

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Some Pearls about Color Blindness

Two weeks ago I posted about some stories from fellow colorblinds at the blogoshpere. Today I will have another look at the topic enclosing color blindness.

  • Jerry has written a pearl about Being Colorblind is No Fun. It is a quite old posting I found here but other users did like it very much and gave it 4.6 stars out of 5. What a like about it is, that even black and white television affects your color feeling.
  • Tim, Simon, Nicky and Ben have an online workbook for their E-Learning project. They want to teach 10 to 13 yeard olds about nutrition and energy. What I did like to hear very much is that they address color blindness in a recent Post Meeting article. Also have a look at there online teaching cards, they look nice and promising to me.
  • And as a last passing mention I point you to somebody who tries to figure out how Komodo dragons retain their color vision. Sounds irritating to me. And if you have a look at his livejournal homepage he definitely must have a problem with color vision.

That’s it for today. Have fun, enjoy reading and tell me how you struggle with color vision.

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Shooting at Digg and Reddit

One month ago I didn’t know anything about the social news sites like digg or reddit. For my bookmarks I am using for quite a while now, but those combined services where new to me. So during the last couple of weeks I had a shot at both of them and was eager to see what would happen.

  • First shot at diggThe Biology behind Red-Green Color Blindness. As digg is more technology related it is hard to find anything about color blindness which can fit in. But they have a also a science category used for many not technology related articles. After posting it I received a lot of traffic in the first couple of hours. I received about 20 extra visits through digg and some even dugg it. But after that I disappeared in the backyard and that was it.
  • Second shot at diggSupporting a Colorblind Husband. I couldn’t resist and tried it out a second time. Maybe the reason that this time almost nothing happend was that I posted it for people living in the US in the middle of the night or the topic was just veeeery boring (although I quite like it :-). The extra visits I received through digg can be counted on one hand.
  • Third shot this time at reddit5 Misbeliefs about Color Blindness. After the second try on digg I didn’t expected a lot. But I wanted to try it out anyway. This time the post was maybe a bit more adapted to such social services and the return was tremendous. First day around 160 extra visits! Second day going down to about 40 extra visits and it is still drippleing after four days. To me – unbelievable. Even some visitors gave me a point what kept me a bit longer on the lists.

It was a good experience although I didn’t receive any comments and almost all visitors just had a look at the posted article and backed out again. Maybe some visitors subscribed to my feed as I have a few more.

Conclusion: As soon as I have something important to say again I’ll have another shot — at reddit.

Color Blindness at the Blogoshpere

At Cynical Chatter From The Underworld the Morningstart talks in a recent post about his living with color blindness and its implications. Suffering from color blindness not only follows him in his daily living, most notably during the childhood, but also restricted his choose of profession. He ends with a very nice quote whereas I take the liberty to reproduce it at this place.

The question is not just how to make the blind see, but how the blind can explain so that the sighted can see as well.

Aaron talked at his blog In Leftfield about being colorblind and how your children can easily outpace you. He also mentions his purple tennis shoes which I think is a very nice committment to color blindness :-) And as his last point he quotes how each wife can support her colorblind husband.

Mike works up just yesterday his color blindness in his journal I’m Going Sane in a Crazy World. He posted three posts in a row about it: Color Blind, Color Blind 2 and Color Blind 3. I like the Ishihara picture in the last post because I also can’t see a sh**. But he talks about fruits which are synonyms for colors and children who try to teach you the colors. Of course – I mean if you can’t them by now you have to learn them finally – it is as simple as this.

And also Steve Pallina writes about his color blindness in a not so recent post from last may. It was followed by some very interesting posts about being colorblind, computer colors and tetrachromats.

I suppose there are many many more colorblind people in the blogosphere and writing about it. I’ll definitely do a follow up on this.