Top 10 of Colblindor’s First 3 Months

The third month of Colblindor is just over and as I learned this is a first critical milestone to reach on the way to get a lasting weblog running. Maybe one day Colblindor will reach this climax and until then I would like to share some statistics and facts with you of the first days.

First of all I will show you the top ten articles of Colblindor as they are measured by Performancing Metrics. This measurement takes into account all articles since this weblog started on the 21st February 2006.

  1. Color Blindness Test by Dr Shinobu Ishihara (March 15th)
    A lot of people are looking around for tests about color blindness. The most well known test was introduced by Mr Ishihara, a Japanese professor, in the last century. I listed my (disappointing) test results in the article. Maybe you have yours as well?
  2. Fuck the Colorblind (April 1st)
    I don’t no why but this article got many hits through Google. If I read through the comments, I must have a very hardliner opinion. The readers seem to enjoy the t-shirt very much – no matter if they are colorblind themselves or not and if they bought it or just have seen it on the road. Maybe I have to reconsider my point of view.
  3. Daltonism – Named after John Dalton (April 9th)
    An article about John Dalton, born in the 18th century, who was researching his own color blindness and shaped the wording Daltonism.
  4. BP advertises with Ishihara Pictures (March 17th)
  5. Firefox Extension – Colorful Tabs (March 29th)
  6. The Biology behind Red-Green Color Blindness (March 7th)
  7. 5 Misbeliefs about Color Blindness (March 30th)
  8. Are cats and dogs really colorblind? (February 28th)
  9. Simulating Color Blind Vision (February 25th)
  10. Battle Against Color Blindness With EyePilot (March 24th)

At the moment about 40 distinct visits are counted every day. Not much but for me this is much more than I thought of when I started in February.

There are 72 posts written on this weblog (including this one) and the highest comment entry count was scored by Fuck the Colorblind.

I gathered some experiences while Shooting at Digg and Reddit and Colblindor was featured as a Blog Case Study at ProBlogger.

That’s it with figures and facts. I also would like to hear from you; your opinion and maybe even some hints what could be interesting topics to talk about.