Speedlinking – Friday 12th May

I borrow the wording Speedlinking from Darren Rowse the father of ProBlogger, which is a great pool of ideas for all kind of bloggers. Fortunately this blog was even featured once on Darren’s site as a blog case study, but let’s get back to here and now and delve into some articles about color blindness.

  • Mike had some problems spotting the good spots to hold on to rock while he was climbing. This made him test his eye sight and trying out some color correction lenses now. With this lenses perception is even more not reality.
  • Christopher is another colorblind artist, who first was shocked when he learned about his different vision but didn’t let himself daunted and got on his way to live with it and take on his profession as an artist.
  • Richard writes about Coloured Text (– A Rant) because he can’t understand how people change default color schemes and use fancy colored text – just to annoy the colorblinds.

I even don’t spare you with this weeks most talked about feature for bloggers and others, the new Google Trends service which lets you feel like a detective while compare interesting search keywords against each other. After playing around with it for a while I would like to share the following outcomes:

  1. While comparing colorblind and color blindness I learned that both terms are used at about the same rate. None of them is used much more extensive than the other.
  2. Comparing Ishihara and colorblind, Google Trends tells me that they are also used at about the same rate. But when I had a closer look at the underlying news I learned, that Ishihara is not only the most famous color blindness test but also a quite common Japanese name.
  3. Considering the British spelling of colour you can see that mostly people from Australia (hi Darren) are using this wording whereas color is used by Americans. The trends also show that the American syntax is used much more often.

Enough speedlinking for now. Thanks for joining me.

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